The Community church now has an allotment to grow its own vegetables and it is anticipated that outcomes will have a real lasting impact with significant return in social value. The aim to become self sustaining as income is generated as locals buy fresh vegetables. As part of the programme will involve children as well as adults to become involved with growing, planting, digging (physical exercise) as well as developing cooking skills that promote and underpin links with the charitable objects of health awareness.

Supported by Walsall Area Partnerships start up costs will bring significant investment for example the project aims are to promote healthy lifestyles through the promotion of healthy eating inspired by the first years rent free allotment. The project aims to get local people involved in growing their own vegetables, cooking them and making simple meals based on a low budget.

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2015/16 CHURCH FUNDED/PART FUNDED HOLIDAY- The next 2016 part/full funded holiday to an eligible individual will take place in September will be at Weston Super-Mare hotel venue.