To meet the regular outgoing of Place of Refuge Community Church – heating and lighting, insurance, maintenance and repairs, clergy etc- we are funded solely by the generosity of church members and the local community.

A collection will be taken during the services



If you are a UK tax payer you may wish to ‘Gift Aid’ your donation.  This requires you to sign a form and will allow the church to claim  another 25%  on top of your donation.

Forms are available at the back of church.


As a registered Charity one way for us to raise funds for this church is for you to register on  website when you shop on-line  with most major sites.

Once you have registered you simply need to go through “Easy Fund Raising” website, for your donation to take effect,  click on the store of your choice and  make your purchase which will automatically fundraise a percentage paid directly to Place of Refuge Community Church registered Charity.

(Please note all donations are paid to the church from the supplier (not you) the purchaser).

Other Supported Projects

We also would like to acknowledge those organisations who have supported Place of Refuge through the many projects:

Ansvar/Ladbrook Insurance, Awards For All, Children in Need, British Heart Foundation, Co-operative, Delves TMO, Delves United Charity,  Diabetes UK, Rubery Owen, Saddlers Club Supporters Club, Trafford Hall, The National Challenge, Tesco, West Midlands Police, WHG (CDF), Walsall Area Partnerships not forgetting those organisations who continue to access services through our training services who support our not for profit courses to access regulated QCF qualifications  to train their dedicated staff.

Without the help of the funders we could not have achieved all the project work that operates within the Charity.


Reserved Seats

You will notice that during the service there is a row of ‘reserved’ seats at the front of the church.  The purpose is to allow and encourage anyone who requires private prayers to make their way to these seats  where someone from the pastoral team will pray with them.